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Winulous: Windows 2000 for iPhone and iPod Touch

What is Winulous?
Winulous is the first ever iPhone-based virtualization system, and is now available in beta from Hackulous. We\’ve provided a very (very) stripped down and lightweight version of Windows 2000 that is capable of running on your iPhone (and iPod Touch). At the moment Winulous only ships with a few apps to run (such as Minesweeper and solitaire), but we will be adding support for more apps in the coming weeks. Our team of developers has truly reached an iPhone development landmark with this impressive app.

Who made Winulous?
This was a joint development with all of the developers of our site, including the creators of Appulous, Crackulous, Hackulous and Installous! This took many, many months to develop and countless hours have been put in Winulous in order to make it work. We\’d also like to thank the Wine dev team for their fantastic references for developers!

What are the requirements?
All current versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch are supported, you should be running the latest firmware available from Apple (2.2.1). While older versions should be able to run, there are no guarantees. If you want to stay up to date (and you should!) please use firmware 2.2.1!

What’s planned for the future?
Skynet will rise and take over the world. Future versions of Winulous should be able to run similarly stripped-down versions of Linux and even Mac OS X itself (and yes, their names will be changed accordingly wink.gif). There are no plans to support Windows Mobile Virtualization at this time, however. We may be convinced with handfuls truckloads of cash though.

How do I get Winulous?
As with all our Hackulous products, you can get them from our cydia repo!

One More Thing…
Thanks for everyone’s current support of Hackulous and Appulous! We have many things in plan for Appulous! For more information regarding that, please read about it here. Sorry about the crappy trailer, all I had was iMovie 09 with me on the moment.
I hate iMovie 09.

For more info on the “revolution” please read the Hackulous forums here