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Coming Soon: First iPhone/iTouch Firewall

This is something most of you wanted for a long time. Most of you wandered if and when a iPhone firewall will be developed. The  first firewall for iPhone and iTouch is on its way and it will alert us whenever an application requires the use AppStore, or background daemons that can require access to connection or data ( contacts, UDID etc).

The application will work in two parts: The first will exploit the MobileSubstrate, and it remains active in the background, but it will provide a decent overall speed, remaining within the limits of RAM memory usage. When you load an application, the firewall will bring up a pop-up menu where you can  find out what you are trying to access. You can:

  • Allow the connection only once
  • Lock the connection only once
  • Always allow the connection
  • Always block the connection
  • Allow any request for a specific application
  • Block any request for a specific application

The second part of the application, you can access through the icon on your springboard and will be useful to modify and / or cancel the rules set to certain applications.

We have no further information or an ETA for the applications. As soon as we find out more about this firewall we will update you on the matter. Stay tuned…

[thx Fabrizio]