Blackra1n: News And Screenshot

When we first told you about blackra1n, we also said that the tool “will be released tomorrow” . Two days later, and we still dont have the tool but GeoHot keeps us up on date with the process, assuring us that the tool is real, and will be here, eventually. First he posted a picture of all iDevices, and as you can see below they are in recovery mode, and ready to jailbreak.

GeoHot has managed to run a itunesmobiledevice exploits being able to send the usb_control_msg.This way it can control the behavior of iTunes when you connect the device via USB. The sad part is that although he was able to communicate with the USB, the connection was automatically interrupted.

The tool will be here eventually, and it will rock our world. Meanwhile check a screenshot of blackra1n RC1 for Windows: