Blacksn0w: Another Jailbreak Or Just Another Guy Chasing Fame?

I don’t know of this is a good thing or bad thing. Competition is always good, but it seems this is getting a little out of hand. Competition, you see, also brings out the cheap knock offs. Murda laid it out in an earlier post here about the Devs and new guys, and on the heels of all of this, comes another new guy…blacksn0w. He gives some screen shots and even a video. The only problem is this video and screen shot stuff is so easy to fake. Heck, we’ve all done it to mess with our friends.

I’m not even sure we should be reporting on it anymore, to give the fakers any time. But in the end, if we don’t, and it turns out to be a working tool, it’s the end user that suffers.

So take it with a grain of salt. I do know this though,if Hannah Montana had an iPhone this is the guy she would use to jailbreak with. ‘nough said lets check it out.

You can head over to here to check out his site.( at least it’s not full of ads). And here’s a quote from over at ModMyi

I´m working on BlackSn0w since a few weeks. I found a security leak in the kernel of iPhone OS. With that you can jailbreak without any work. Just select your device and the firmware and thats it. All jailbreaked version of iPhone OS are included, so you don´t have to download anything.
There´s also a synchronisation feature for jailbreaked AND non-jailbreaked apps even with app organisation. There´s also a cydia Store platform like the AppStore in iTunes. And a little iPhone Browser + plist editor is included. I worked for that about 1.5 years. And now it´s here. It support iPhone, iPhone 3G, Iphone 3GS and the new iPod touch. There will be a beta within 3-4 weeks.

And his video here:

In the video, he never shows the actual device doing anything. So what’s he got??
What do you think? Just another wanna be trying to meet Miley Cyrus? Or a legit, possible new guy? I have e-mailed this guy to get on with the Beta test…but no response yet. So, till I see other wise, I’m calling fake.