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Chronic Dev Team’s Posixninja: Crazy Confusion In The Jailbreaking World

Posixninja puts up a blog post on his personal blog explaining a few things about Chronic Dev Team and their Jailbreaking tool Greenpois0n. Titled “Crazy Confusion” he tries to explain away the rumors, and debunk the myth of Greenpois0n and let people know the stauts of this anticipated new tool. He goes on to talk about the exploits, both old and new that they have, keeping the latest one a secret, and how they are playing the waiting game with Apples planned release of Firmware 3.2 and the iPad.

This post adds a little insight into what it takes to go from an exploit to a full blown working tool, when you are hampered with real time responsibilities such as work, family and the money issue. also, in as in most Dev teams, not everyone is a coder, some do graphics, some do the GUI, some do just the testing, and mostly all this is done with everyone in different timezones. So collaboration is difficult.
Best thing to do is to head over and read it for yourself, so nothing is lost in translation, but this does sound very promising.

Now it’s the same story again. I will say we do have at least one new exploit that we’ve been sitting on for the past few months waiting specifically for the ipad, (NOT 3.1.3) but I’m not going to say anything more about it, other then, yes it’s untethered.

Remember, all of this is done free, for the jailbreak community, so don’t just sit around and whine when you don’t have a tool for the latest release on the first day. Be patient. And don’t be trigger happy with that update button.