Blackra1n: New Jailbreking Tool From GeoHot

Twitter was down for me for a couple of hours. When i could access it, i found a lot of goodies from GeoHot. First of all he posted a picture, that will bring a lot of smiles on people’s faces

Pay attention cause you will be learning some internet detective skillz in this article. I will teach you some secrets. So … what you can tell by just looking at the picture? Not much right? Its fine, dont feel ashamed. If you save the picture you will see that the name of the picture is ipt3_jailbroken. Now what you can tell me about this picture? Exactly, he just told us that he managed to jailbreak the iTouch 3rd gen.

GeoHot said that the same exploit used for the 3rd gen iTouch, works for the iPhone 3Gs. So , GeoHot only needs to do some tests with the other 4 devices and also fixing a small problem regarding the iTouch 3G and than the software will get the well known UI with a “click to run the Jailbreak in 10 seconds” graphic.

Now his next few tweets told us a lot. First  he said that the new site is up, and asked who can find it and than he said that black is the new purple.

So did you find the site already? What?!?!?! How can you find it? Well he practically told us the name of the site. George’s first tool was “purplera1n” right? And now he said that ” black is the new purple”. Still no ringing bells? How about

The tool will be probably released tommorow and is the place where you can find it. Of course FSMdotCOM will keep you updated….