Binary Game v2.0 Promo Codes Giveaway

Early March 2009, FSMdotCOM presented you the most addictive game ever made for the iPhone and iPod Touch: Binary Game. Since march, my main man John worked his ass off and he just released version 2.0 of the game. Let’s check out what’s new, what got a face-lift in John’s personal laboratory and than how you can win a promo code.

Of course, the UI was tweaked. You will get the same the same options and of course the quick instructions if you’re a binary game virgin. You will notice one change in the game modes department tho: the Daily Challenge. This is something pretty special and you will love it.You can only play once a day. It’s 15 rounds (just like speed mode) – You have to get the fastest time possible. Everyone who plays, gets the same 15 numbers, so essentially you play against everyone else.New numbers/challenge every day.

You will also get the facebook connect button. Personally i LOVE this one.You can login to facebook (from within the game)
then you can post your scores on your facebook feed.The cool thing is, if you have friends that play Binary Game, when you beat their scores, the feed will shout them out..Like: “Murda just got 20 seconds in Speed Mode, and is now beating X and Y”

This is a killer game and it’s the most addictive game i’ve ever seen on the iPhone or iPod Touch. No, no …. TRUST ME: IT IS ADDICTIVE!!!!


All you need to do is to comment on this post and answer one question” who is the  7th persons the Top 100 All-Time Challenge Scores (in Points) ?” i need a name. thats all.

NOTE1: comments like ” i love this site” , “i love this game” wont count. You are welcomed to express your love, by all means, but they wont get you in the contest.

NOTE2: promo codes only work in the US appstore. Don’t worry tho. FSMdotCOM got a tutorial on how to create a FREE US iTunes AppStore Account so you can use the promo code. Also stay tuned , i will also create a tutorial on how to use the promo codes.

NOTE3: there will be 6 winners. First 6 people that comment and gives me the correct name, will win and the contest will be over. MAKE SURE to insert your correct email address.