Binary Game for iPhone and Touch Redeem Codes

Everywhere i look, i keep seeing this one game, everybody seems to be talking about : Binary Game.  I asked around , and everybody told me the same thing : IT IS ADDICTIVE! So , of course i didnt try it, because, well, i got better things to do with my time.

Yesterday, i stumbled upon John Kassimatis , one of the game’s devs and the dude is wicked!! Felt like i was sitting with the dude in a pub, having a beer and just rambling all sorts of things.Anyway, he got me to try the game, and i got one word for it. ADDICTIVE.

So what’s the game all about?

Basically you get two way that you can play this game : Challenge Mode and Speed Mode . You also get a Practice Mode so you can get a feeling of the game, before you can play against the big boys. Oh… didnt i mention?!?! you can submit your score to their database and compete with players all over the world. You can also check how well you done, or if you still the ruler of the binary world here

Ok , but what i need to do in this game? How to play the game?

This is basically a puzzle game. You will get eight switches and every switch has a value ( 128, 64, 32,16, 8,4,2,1 )  which basically represent the bits value. What the value of the switches represents has nothing to do with you playing the game though.

You will be given a number and all you need to do is to turn on/off the switches and create the value that matches the value you are given. Confusing? Just watch the video below and you will get a feeling of it. Its just a basic arithmetic puzzle game. You will be given a number, and you need to add numbers as fast as you can to match the number you got. Simple as that.

You can get this game from iTunes and because John is such a great guy, he got me some redeem codes that i will pass to you guys. Let’s see who’s fast enough….

Redeem Codes

  • 799NFKXJK3KF
  • 49A7T3R4R6PN