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Create a Free iTunes Account

Some of you regulars here on FSMdotCOM know that i cant buy any app from the appstore. Why? Because Apple didn’t accept my credit card. iTunes was telling me that it’s a debit card and they dont accept that. There was no paypal payment option, so i was pretty much stuck.

What most of you don’t know is that i was kind of obsessed with the iPhone ( wanted one before the 1rst iPhone came out ), so by the time i got one, i knew a lot about the iPhone and jailbreaking and all that. Anyway… i got my iPhone, went home and first thing i did was to  jailbreak it. Now in order to install cracked apps on it, you need to have at least one ginuwine app installed ( free or paid ) right? And i didnt have an iTunes account.

Well if Apple didnt like that i live in Romania, i changed my address and now i live somewhere in NYC.The only thing is that i cant buy nothing from the iTunes store, i can only download free apps. And that kinda bugs me , because i would pay for some of the apps im using ( not too many ). They are great apps and the developers need the financial feedback.

So… how can you create an iTunes account w/out a credit card or any other payment option :

  • Download and install iTunes – duhhh
  • Go to the bottom of the iTunes homepage and select your country ( if your like me, you’ll probably want to choose US )
  • Click on one of the App in Top Free App and than click Get App
  • A box will pop up asking you to log in. When you will see that just click on Create New Account and than click Continue
  • Once the page has loaded tick I Accept and click Continue
  • Insert your details ( if you are not living in US , you might wanna google search for a address and a phone number) ( insert your valid email address ) Then click Continue
  • Next window will be the Payment Method window. Don’t worry there will be a option that says None at the end of the row, Click that one. Now fill out your details, And click Continue
  • Go to that email (if its not there, check Junk/Spam folder) and click the confirmation link.
  • iTunes will pop up. Enter your email address and password and voila. You got a functional free iTunes account 🙂