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iPhoneish – For iPhone Lovers, by iPhone Lovers

Press Release sent by Rune Eriksen to FSMdotCOM

At last you have found the website you have always been dreaming of. Imagine having all the latest daily news on iPhones and then being able to use this information to improve your iPhone experience and get the most out of this very popular brand.

You have the opportunity to surf lots of tips, tricks, ideas, and much more all in one place. You will no longer need to search Google for hours again!

iPhones are still a pretty new concept and some still don’t know what it is all about. If you are new it is a perfect learning curve, otherwise why not help others and reap the rewards at the same time.

iPhoneish is an user generated website that collects all the iPhone information you could possibly need and store it all one place.

iPhoneish would like to announce the launch of, a central point dedicated to collecting all the best iPhone news, hacks, rumors, applications and much, much more on the World Wide Web.

On iPhoneish the community members make all the decisions. The users add the stories, decide which of them should be published, and most importantly which should remain unpublished. Think of it like you now own a part of an amazing new forum and you can really get into it and tell people what you really think.

This is done by way of our voting system, where the bigger the vote, the higher up on the published page the story will be displayed.