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Emoti Keyboard for iPhone and iPod Touch

New day, new app in Cydia. Actually it’s a add-on for iKeyEx keyboard extender.If you want to insert tons of emoticons in your notes or emails this is the add-on to install. It adds two screens of emoticons in your default keyboard, and i know that some of you got some emoticons fetish going on.

How to get Emoti Keyboard?

  • Load Cydia
  • Tap Search
  • Search for Emoti Keyboard (BigBoss)
  • Install

How to use Emoti Keyboard?

First thing you need to do , is to go to Settings – General – Keyboard – International Keyboards and make sure that Emoti is turned ON.

After you turned it ON, exit Settings and start using the emoticons by going into your mail or notes app ( i use WriteRoom ) and hit the command button to get the emoticons on your keyboard. If you are like me and u also use the Five Row QWERTY Keyboard , make sure you tap the command button on your keyboard twice. Check the screenshots below , and click on them to enlarge the pic to it’s full size.