BigBoss: Purplesn0w Better 3Gs Unlock Than UltraSn0w

BigBoss has written a new article on his blog where he is saying that PurpleSn0w is better than UltranSn0w.

This is something people dont expect , since BigBoss is close to the DevTeam.

Pros are many and we start from the very fact that the method of applying the GeoHot hack does not provide the use of daemons and background processes.

The only con is that it can not be turned off with a Toggle, but, frankly, who is in need of a toggle to turn off the phone? (And in any case already exists the Airplane Mode).

Anyway, let’s recap how to use PurpleSn0w:

  • Be sure to have legit activated 3GS
  • Disable 3G if you don’t have it(like T-Mobile).
  • Add to Cydia
  • Install com.geohot.purplesn0w
  • Watch for success output in Cydia
  • Reboot, and enjoy your unlocked iPhone