BBCODE: iPhone and iPod Touch Keyboard for Productive People

New day, new app in Cydia. Did you miss that catch-phrase? As usual, or at least in the last couple of Cydia posts, this is not an app. It’s a addon, a iKeyEx addon.

It is getting better and better. Do you remember when i presented the 5 row qwerty keyboard , emoti keyboard ( useless for me ) and Tweetboard ? Now this is something even better and it will make you so much more productive once you get a feeling of it, you’ll never believe this wasn’t a default feature.

Basically if you are browsing forums  from your device and you will need [img][/img] and such, or writing emails with internet slang like LOL, RTFM etc , or just want a real quick shortcut to sites like or , you will find this a blessing.

The only downside is that this addon is not quite working with the other keyboards presented above, so you might want to disable them. I almost forgot one essential thing, at least for the post structure. The addon is called iKeyEx BBCODE Keyboard and you can get it from this source :

What you need to do ?

First you will need to install iKeyEx ( if you dont have it istalled already ) and than install BBCODE keyboard. Go to Settings and scroll all the way down to iKeyEx and tap on it. There you will need to turn ON the BBCODE keyboard and OFF any other keyboards you might have installed. You can experiment with a combo of keyboards though.

Than just tap on BBCODE and tap the button to clear the cache. Also you can do that everytime there is an update. Than all you have to do is hold down letter and the syntax according to that letter will come up ( i.e. for ” F ” you will get ). Just hold down every key to see what you get ( almost every letter got something to offer ) and get used to them.

If you want to change some of them or add some new ones, im sure you can do. All you need to know is how to play with some strings in the source code . Maybe for the letter “F” you will add “FSMdotCOM” or “”