Metal Gear Solid Touch ( .ipa )

With its intuitive multi-touch interface,METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH is a game that anyone can easily pick-up and enjoy.Based on the profound storyline of “MGS4,” “Metal Gear Solid Touch” features the unique foes of MGS4, including the beautiful and deadly members of the dreaded “B&B” corps.Whether you are an MGS4 fan or a new-comer to the Metal Gear series,”Metal Gear Solid Touch” is a rhythmic touch shooting game that everyone can enjoy. Known for their innovative high-quality games, Kojima Productions drops you into the middle of a warzone filled with beautiful graphics and impactful sound effects.Experience the satisfaction of defeating your enemies, and feel the tension of ducking for cover behind walls to avoid attacks.

“Emblems” bestowed upon players will reflect their score at the end of the game, and “Survival Mode” will challenge players to survive as many consecutive battles as possible without using any continues!

Control Instructions

  1. Touch the screen, and drag your finger to move the aiming sight.
  2. Drag the sight over an enemy and tap to shoot.Utilize defensive walls between you and the enemy by taking your finger off the screen to duck down and take cover.
  3. To snipe faraway enemies, pinch out with 2 fingers to use your sniper scope (Zoom-in).
  4. Pinch in to return to the normal view (Zoom-out).
  5. Some enemies can only be defeated by using certain weapons.

Stage Progression
Before every mission, a list of objectives will be displayed that must be met in order to clear the stage.In some missions, you must defeat specific enemies in order to progress.

MGST Exclusive Features
After the completion of each mission, players earn Drebin Points (DP) that reflect their game score.You can spend DP by selecting “Drebin’s Shop” from the menu screen. Trade your DP for exclusive “Metal Gear Solid Touch wallpapers.” (15 wallpapers available in the advance release version of the game)

Metal Gear – a bipedal nuclear-enabled tank that the worlds’ terrorists have attempted to exploit on multiple occasions, only to be stopped time and time again by the legendary soldier “Solid Snake.” However, as a clone of the world’s greatest soldier “Big Boss,” Snake’s body suffers from severe side effects and has aged rapidily.At the same time, war has changed from being the government’s obligation and responsibility to being managed by privatized military businesses. PMCs (Private Military Corporations) are now the norm in war zones around the globe.Under these severe conditions, Old Snake is asked to complete one last mission – the assassination of Liquid Ocelot.After vanishing several years ago, Liquid has resurfaced as the head of the world’s major PMCs. Taking advantage of his power, he is once again preparing to strike…

English, Japanese Requirements
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update

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