Tweeboard – Twitter Keyboard for iPhone and iPod Touch

New day, new app in Cydia. Now this is something i can really use. It’s basically an add-on that adds Twitter syntax to your iPhone’s keyboard. Syntax added , are the common ones used by every tweeple , such as @reply , #hastags . RT (retweet) via@ , and common shorten URLs such as tinyurl. And it works perfect with Tweetie, the best twitter client for the iPhone and iPod Touch. And since we’re on this subject , make sure you follow me on Twitter : @murdamw

How to use it?

This is a basic install and turn on addon. So after you install it, make sure you go to Settings – General – Keyboards – International and turn ON Tweetboard. NOTE: it seems that it wont work in combination with both Emoti Keyboard and Five Row Qwerty Keyboard .

After you turn it on, you can use it with your twitter client, email app , notes app and basically anything that requires a keyboard and/or typing.  BUT you can’t and won’t stop there. You will want to take a few steps in order to customize this addon and use it at it’s full potential.

  1. After installing this addon connect to your device via SSH ( or you can use MobileTerminal directly from your iPhone )
  2. Navigate to /Library/iKeyEx/Keyboards/Tweetboard/ and than, in MobileTerminal type su , type the password : alpine and then enter cd /Library/iKeyEx/Keyboards/Tweetboard/
  3. Open the variants.plist in your favorite text editor ( mobileterminal : type nano variants.plist )
  4. Edit the preconfigured strings to your liking. The strings you type in variants.plist is what appears when you hold down the specified key ( command key on the keyboard ) , and what is inserted when you choose that variant key. BE AWARE that there is limited amount of space available for alternate keys, so try to use the shortest  usernames and tags as possible. Save and Exit ( mobileterminal : ctrl+o and ctrl+x )
  5. In the iKeyEx preferences menu ( in regular Settings app ) , navigate to Tweeboard and click on Clear layout cache

How to get?

  • Load Cydia
  • Tap on changes or search
  • Search for Tweeboard
  • Install