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New Apple Patent: A Stylus For iPhone 4G ? Or, Maybe For The iTablet?

iPhone was the first touchscreen mobile phone introduced to the masses, that didn’t use any kind of stylus. Of course, a stylus pen was created for the iPhone in the form of the Pogo stylus, but still , (as far as i know ) it didn’t have much traction.

In a new Apple patent, we can see a touch device and a “stylus”. Apple has never thought, until now, to use a stylus for the iPhone. So why, or will them implement one in the next gen iPhone? Or will this “stylus” be attached to the alleged Tablet?

By looking at the picture we can only assume this or that and of course the other but the best we can do is to wait for the Apple event on the 27th and see what uncle Steve got for us in his backpack.

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