Smart Home Power Panel: New Apple Patent To Allow Us Managing System Processes And Energy

When it comes to iPhones, battery life is an issue that every user is complaining about since the dawn of (iPhone) time. It is often seen as iPhone’s bottleneck, but Apple is constantly trying to fix this problem.  So they came up with a new patent called Smart Home Power Panel

The application will work similarly to a computer Task Manager and will allow us to understand what processes are running and how much RAM they are using. Therefore, you can find all the applications that are demanding a major performance effort and thus those who need a larger amount of energy to function.

The user can also assign an application priority that will dynamically manage the use of available memory and may establish maximum levels of resources for each process.

All this will be preset with the default values then you can modify it to suit your needs. The purpose of this system is primarily the ability to calculate the ideal settings for the user. The user can also calculate energy costs and also how much energy he/she saved by monitoring these data.

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[via AppleInsider]