First YouTube, Next Twitter. Is Apple Embracing Social Media?

Last week we told you that Apple finally has an official YouTube channel , and we also asked if Apple is finally ( visibly ) embracing social media? For years, they didn’t even hinted a (visible) interest in today’s “way to do business” and the only way to get in touch with them was… well… maybe, if you get your iPhone stolen and Steve saves the day?

Ok so what’s all this about Twitter? We already know that Apple is tweeting their movie trailers right? Well today, 9to5Mac found out that the owner of was basically evicted from the Twitterverse. The person behind the account tweeted only once almost 1 year ago anyway “i love apples” and still he had 2289 followers and was part of 41 lists. Gooood…. really, people?! REALLY!??!

That is how the “Apple” twitter page looked like a week ago. Today, if you try to access it , you will get a 404 – sorry the page doesn’t exist.

If you try to register an account as Apple you will also get an error, because the account is already created ( yeah, but the page doesn’t exist. It’s great to be the king, huh? )

I wonder how “social” Apple will be , and who will actually tweet. I don’t expect Steve or Phil or even Tim Cook to tweet. I expect that Jonathan Ive to tweet though, and i really hope that they will get involved in the community . If they will just auto-tweet news and news related stuff, they certainly don’t get it. On the other hand, the big corporate tech sites will loose their “uber-ninjas” they have at Apple. Trust me, they don’t have any, and if they do you can’t see them ’cause they invisible.

All aboard. Next stop… FaceBook.