Official Apple YouTube Channel?

FSM readers are never tired, and they keep on sending us all sorts of things. Some very useful, some just four our amusement and some of them are a waste of time. Non-the-less we want to thank each and every one of them. Tonight we got a tip about the official Apple YouTube Channel. I was out , enjoying myself , and seeing what this is all about i didn’t even pay attention.Let’s face it Apple had a lot of YouTube channels.

But once i got home, i checked it and guess what? It seems legit. Although it only got one vid ( Introducing the iPad ) , it has a solid vanity URL ( ) and if you check their feed, they have a lot more videos but it is set to private. Also, on the channel page, they got a bigass iPad picture that is linked to: .

Are they finally ( visibly ) embracing social media?

[thx Marcie, ProJAY, iNinjaPro, Joey and Chris]