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Open Letter To An iPhone Thief

No matter where you live, on this beautiful globe of ours, the iPhone is a hot piece of well… culture. And everywhere in this world there are people that will do anything they can to grab themselves one of this babies. But what if it happens to you, what do you do? Well you can go to the police, or you can go to the Apple customer service, or if both of this sources fails, uncle Steve always got your back.

Chicago-based columnist Mark Bazer wrote an open letter to the person who snagged his wife’s month-old iPhone on a train:

Congratulations on your new iPhone! I just know you’re going to love it, as it’s a fantastic device with an easy-to-use interface and photos of my relatives. Heck, they’re now your relatives, too — we’re on the same family plan! That reminds me: It’s your turn this year to host Thanksgiving.

But back to your shiny new iPhone, because there are a number of things you should know to ensure it gives you so much enjoyment that you forget your shame.

For starters, it’s got plenty of room for music, but we weren’t sure what kind you liked. We were hoping Simon and Garfunkel , but if not, just sync that baby up to your PC and create your own mix. (If you don’t have a PC, they can be stolen from most homes.)

Also, we had the foresight to buy you the AppleCare protection plan, so your iPhone is covered for two years if anything goes wrong — with the exception of someone stealing it.

Hilarious is all i can say…

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