YourAppShop: iPhone AppStore Alternative?

YourAppShop Provides a Platform for Brands and Companies of all Sizes to License and Create Their Own App Stores

Companies everywhere can now have their own mobile app stores to sell any and all apps they choose with the launch of YourAppShop, a platform that offers a viable, robust and legal alternative to iTunes.

YourAppShop provides a simple, turnkey solution for companies to reach customers with targeted apps and content relevant to their respective businesses. To access the Shop, users visit a single Web site, tap once and the download is complete. Apps can be made available immediately via a cloud-based admin, allowing for delivery of both on and offline content. An integrated micro-payment system allows for intuitive one-click purchases.

Fore more info you can check out the site ( nothing to see there yet, but keep an eye on it, if you are interested ) , and download the official press release.


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