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HOW TO: Upgrade Your iPhone 4 Through TinyUmbrella To A Stock Firmware Without Updating Your Baseband

So, this what we got so far: greenpois0n will be released on Sunday, and MuscleNerd reminded unlockers not to update to a stock firmware. A new version of PwangeTool is in the making, but it will probably not be released before or in the same time as greenpois0n. If you can’t wait for PwangeTool, you can still upgrade and use greenpois0n without upgrading your baseband, using TinyUmbrella.

NOTE: iPhone 4 ONLY!!!!!

Golden rules:

1. iPhone 4 ONLY
2. Pay attention to each step of the tutorial. Read it twice if needed…
3. iPhone 4 ONLY

How to:

1. iPhone 4 ONLY!!! really… i can’t stress this enough
2. Download TinyUmbrella
3. Make sure you have your SHSH blobs saved locally. If you are not sure about it, just run TinyUmbrella and save them. Don’t know how? Check out this tutorial
4. Download current iOS firmware
Run TinyUmbrella and click on ‘Start TSS server’ . If iTunes is opened, TinyUmbrella will close it.

6. Without quitting TinyUmbrella, open iTunes and option+restore ( Mac ) or shift+restore ( Windows ) to your saved stock IOS firmware ( You have to restore to it, NOT upgrade to it )
7. Let iTunes error with 1004 error (baseband update failed – we want this )

8. Using TinyUmbrella, ‘Kick Device Out of Recovery’

9. That’s it. Enjoy your iPhone 4 ( again, JUST for iPhone 4 ) running iOS 4.1 with 1.59.00 baseband.