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MuscleNerd: iPhone 4 Unlockers Do Not Update To Stock IPSW

We just told you that greenpois0n, the first jailbreaking tool to use the SHAtter exploit is scheduled to be released Sunday 10/10/10, so that’s great news for everybody who has a iOS 4.1 OTB iPhone. But for the rest of you, MuscleNerd just tweeted a reminder to not update to a stock firmware because that will update the baseband, and you will loose your unlocking ability.

It seems that a new version of PwnageTool is in the making – which will let you create custom IPSWs , and won’t update the baseband – but, there’s also a workaround ( for iPhone 4 ONLY ) , through TinyUmbrella.

Stick around, we will post a tutorial on how to do it in a second… ( tutorial here )