Update On No iPhone MMS & Tethering From AT&T Until “Late This Summer”

After a couple of minutes from posting Why No iPhone MMS Support and Tethering From AT&T Until “Late This Summer” , somebody from AT&T contacted me and filled me in with some spicy insides about the AT&T MMS support and tethering plan.If what my ninja tells me is true, i have no idea why AT&T didnt get all this up and running by now. They knew this is coming and still they get their users to wait.


There are 2 different plans for the iPhones.They are built into the scripting to block the mms in the network. We have to re-write all these features and update them to all of the correct iPhones. 3G gets mms and 2G does not. There is no MMS opt out feature on the account. It is built into the plan and can not just be
removed. The only way around is to modify the HLR to enable the mms.It’s quite easy but the programming of the billing system is the hard part.


About tethering I haven’t heard to much. I think they are just not sure on the price for the feature. They have to great a new feature and write in the ISP APN into the code. Tethering should have launched. Not sure on why AT&T is waiting on that one since they do not have to modifiy anyone current account. Just for the people that want it.