Why No iPhone MMS Support and Tethering From AT&T Until “Late This Summer”

The moment we all were waiting for just passed by us in the most boring and disappointing way possible. iPhone OS 3.0 is here and its badass ( disappointed about the new iPhone 3Gs) but for you guys and lovely girls livin in US it’s pretty much a big BS.

So we had to wait 2 years for this amazing piece of technology to get MMS support, and now we finally get it and AT&T says : no no no, no MMS till “late this summer” . You probably wonder why, you wont get MMS support till later this year. Well, BoyGeniusReport seems to have a insider which revealed the real reason :

They were just told the real reason why AT&T won’t be supporting MMS on the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G S at launch, and you’re going to laugh… Technically it will work right away our ninja tells us. The are no extra plans or higher fees we’ve just learned (the unlimited $20 package covers unlimited SMS and MMS), and the reason it’s not good to go right away is because AT&T has to manually remove all the “Opt Out MMS codes” on each account. Basically, if we were to summarize this, and we’re going out a little bit of a limb, remove the Opt Out MMS code, and MMS will work with the final OS 3.0 build right away. Who wants to try it with the GM 3.0 build just released?

They’ve also just heard that tethering will be 100% locked out at launch, but AT&T’s in the process of putting together a $70/mo unlimited data and tethering plan. SMS and MMS will not be included in that plan, we’re told.