Ultimate Mortal Kombat Coming To The iPhone [video]

According to the folks at KnowYourMobile, Ultimate Mortal Kombat is coming to the iPhone. They have posted a video on YouTube showing a very playable version of the game running on iPhone, which they apparently caught a glimpse of during a visit to EA Mobile’s offices in London. The video is shot from kind of far away, and doesn’t really show a whole lot, but is unmistakably Mortal Kombat on an iPhone.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat is a beat-’em-up. The idea is to kill your opponent before they kill you, in gory fashion. Once an enemy has been defeated, you can use fatalities and other ways to humiliate your opponent, a feature that has helped the Mortal Kombat series stand the test of time.

Players: 1-2 local via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
Release date: December
Price: TBC