• SSH the files in Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries
  • Set Permissions to 0755
  • Install iRealSMS 2. Open , then : purchase – activate – activate and enter code
  • The code to enter: 6D88Op5Wxup ( IT IS CASE-SENSITIVE )

NOTE 1: IF You have Intelliscreen installed , do not enable performance boost.The crack also requires mobilesubstrate to be installed , can be found in cydia.

NOTE 2 : There is a known issue for Arabtaller users. Arabtaller conflicts with the serial registry library that is used , so everytime you use the crack with the program , Arabtaller is deactivated inside iRealSMS . This is an Arabtaller issue , and i absolutely can do nothing about it nor anyone else.

NOTE 3 : mad props for the following badass dudes that cracked this app : Nadeem97 , Crash-x for the libs and great work , meshom , persichini.

FAQ: It is not working for me , whats wrong ?!

  • You dont have mobilesubstrate installed
  • You have intelliscreen installed
  • You didnt set correct permissions on the files( 0755 )
  • You entered the wrong code.
  • You installed iRealSMS and not iRealSMS 2 (they are separate packages, really)
  • You didnt place the files where they are supposed to go.