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SwapMode: No More App Crashing Due To Low iPhone Memory

New day, new app in Cydia: SwapMode. It will allow you to switch between normal and game mode Toggle. Game Mode will turn off background services and SpringBoard Extensions such as SBSettings, iHome, etc. Your device will behaves as if it is freshly jailbroken with no app and extension installed, thus reducing the chances of system crash during game play. Normal Mode: Revert device to normal operation. Re-boot if necessary should it experience any abnormality. One of FSMdotCOM readers, amdou, wrote a small review of the app for you guys, so let’s check it out:

Best thing that can happen to the iPhone is jailbreaking. You can pimp your iPhone in anyway you want to, but jailbreaking will also makes it sluggish, and the worst one for me is frequent crash or closing of apps due to low memory.

So this is where SwapMode comes in, you can toggle between normal mode and game mode, normal mode is your iPhone with all your addons running and in game mode all your addons are disabled so you have lots of memory, no lag, ideal for playing games.

Let’s do a quick memory check  using “free memory” app and check out the “before” and “after” using SwapMode:

To go back to your original jailbroken state,  just switch back to Normal mode, iPhone resprings and every thing as before.After initial testing everything worked as said by developer, but small issue with 5 icon dock. After going back to normal mode the fifth icon doesn’t come back to its original place. But I can live with it. Bottom line is : if you have a jailbroken device, SwapMode its a must. Just search Cydia for SwapMode. You will find it on the iSpazio source which is a default source in Cydia.