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AT&T Displaying 32 GB iPhone AND Price

First T-Mobile Austria and then AT&T “accidently” posted a 32GB iPhone on their websites. But there were no prices available nor pictures of the new devices. Now, an anonymous tipster from AT&T has leaked some rather interesting information.  This tip is interesting for a couple reasons.  First, AT&T has a site for their customers to trade in their cell phones specifically to upgrade to a BlackBerry – the BlackBerry Bold Trade Up Program.  Just select the phone you want to trade in, the BlackBerry model you want from AT&T’s inventory, and you get some real value for your current phone toward the purchase of a shiny new BlackBerry.

How does this tie in to a new iPhone model? One of the options in the drop-down list of phones you can select for trading up is a 32GB iPhone for $355.00 toward your BlackBerry trade up ($205 for a 16GB iPhone). Did AT&T accidentally spill the beans on an upcoming 32GB iPhone? We will find out soon. Check out the site and see for yourself.  According to the anonymous tipster, there is no guarantee that this information will stay up for long.

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