Steve Jobs Back To Work

Confirmed! Steve Jobs did report to work today,  at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, according to employees who have seen him on campus.

Officials at Apple have yet to respond to multiple phone calls and emails seeking guidance about Jobs and his whereabouts, but employees are doing what Apple PR isn’t, and that’s confirming that he’s here at work.

Now, the broader question is whether today is a one-hit-wonder, whether he won’t be here tomorrow, whether his return to Apple full-time is actually coming earlier than the “end of June” time-frame the company has maintained since he left on medical leave in January.

Either way, if the liver transplant time-frame is accurate, and he had the procedure done only two months ago, his return today is pretty impressive.

Meantime, we still await official word from Apple, but employees are confirming this. The news is solid. Jobs is back in the house, at least for today.

[source cnbc]