MobileLog 3.0: OS 3.0 Compatible and Brings New Features

Slowly but surely , Cydia apps are being updated for the new iPhone OS 3.0 Same goes for MobileLog which is a recent calls and SMS managed for the iPhone.

It can be found under the iSpazio repo in Cydia, which is a default repo so you can find it with ease.

MobileLog is useful to those people who need to have an advanced call management, with many more details than the ones that are already built in the iPhone.

This version comes with a lot of new features, but it’s not free ; it costs $7.49 or €4.99. You can try it for free for 6 days tho.

What’s new in MobileLog 3.0:

  1. Improved loading speed of the recent calls
  2. Scrolling is significantly faster
  3. Total Section, shows the total duration of calls
  4. Added the possibility to disable the number display of the person calling
  5. If you enable the option “Call on Tap” you can see all the details on the call simply by clicking on the arrow to the right
  6. Deleting a number from the logs is significantly faster
  7. Fixed bugs
  8. Solved the problems with SMS notifications
  9. Fixed problems with deleting messages
  10. Added Russian localization