Michael Jackson iPhone Theme: RIP, Thank You For The Music

Michael Jackson‘s death came as a complete shock to millions around the world. Everybody knew that he was in a terrible condition, but ” Michael Jackson dying ” was a bit too much today since we already lost Farah Fawcett as well.

Some other well know sites ( name is not important ) , said that Michael Jackson is not dead, he has cold feet before the Thriller remake.  Well i guess they got some angry fans on their heads right now. How stupid can you be to predict a macabre “Michael Jackson comeback” after such a tragic news? Oh well…

Anyway, this theme is an homage to the great artist, and i want to thank him for the blessing of music he spilled upon us. Before i present you the theme, i would like to say that im a bit of an hypocrite for this, because you know that i dont like themes.

This one is a full theme ( except icons, which im glad for ) , meaning it got a complete lockscreen, sliders, springboard wallpaper and lock and unlock sounds. This is pretty cool , actually , and i will have this theme enabled for at least 1 week, in Jacko’s memory. You can find this theme on BigBoss source which is a default theme and you should have no problems finding it. Just load Cydia, tap search and look for: Michael Jackson