SpringBoard Expose: New Concept for iPhone and iPod Touch

This is really nice, and i would like to see this implemented by Apple, not as a 3rd party tweak. By tapping the home button you can see all the pages of your springboard and select the one you want to by taping on the page.

This concept was created by Ocean Observations and aims to improve the overview of your apps and their notification badges by giving you an “Exposé”-ish view. While browsing your springboard, you can push the home button to be taken to a zoomed out state in which you can see all of the pages with apps. This view is combined with the Spotlight search. Tapping the search box would bring up the keyboard and hide the miniature pages. Each miniature is badged with all notifications for that page, to give you a quick idea of which pages contain new items. Tap any of the miniatures to go directly to that page.