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New Way To Downgrade Your iPhone 3Gs From Firmware 3.1 to 3.0

So you “accidentally” hit upgrade with that quick trigger finger on you 3G[S] when 3.1 first came out, or you upgraded because you figured you could just downgrade like usual. Apple threw a monkey wrench in your plans, huh? Those sneaks stopped signing the requests and builds for 3.0 for the 3G[S] phones.

Some people were lucky enough to hit the “make it easy button” on Cydia, and thanks to a crafty work around by Saurik, those lucky folks could downgrade.

Not so easy for those who saved their ECIDs and iBSS and iBES files like they were told but didn’t get in on the Saurik method. No work around for us? Nope sorry…you can’t…not till now.

One crafty iPhone user decided to do something about it. TheHeadFL from MacRumors wrote a nifty little script to go along with Semaphore’s tinyTSS tool to make all this possible.

A quote from the read me:

This tool is designed to help you restore/downgrade your iPhone 3GS using TinyTSS. It operates
from the temporary files that you saved (you did, didn’t you?) during a 3GS DFU restore on 3.0.

This is being released as binary + source, both in the public domain.

After the 3GS jailbreak came out, multiple sources instructed you to get your purplera1nyday file,
as well as the signed iBEC and iBSS files that appear in your %TEMP% folder during a DFU restore.

Many people, including myself, were able to do this, but missed out on the opportunity to have my
ECID SHSH stored on file with Cydia because we weren’t quick enough.

This tool works by parsing the contents of the Per####.tmp folders that you saved and generating
a 00.SHSH file that can (hopefully) be used with TinyTSS.

You’ll need to download TinyTSS from here , and the new tool from here . These are command line tools so not for the beginning users.Also of use are these ECID grabbers and iBEC and iBSS Grabbers here

What does all this me for you? You will be able to downgrade your iphone, jailbreak and then upgrade to a jailbroken 3.1. and preserve to ability to always jailbreak. That sounds pretty good, huh?I will be putting a tutorial together for all of this soon.

Let us know if any readers have success in the comments.


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