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SiriProxy Plugin Allows You To Control The Philips Hue Wireless Lightbulb via Siri [video]

Remember SiriProxy? Brandon Evans has created a SiriProxy plugin that allows you to control the Philips Hue wireless lightbulb via Siri.

The SiriProxy plugin format is very straightforward. SiriProxy will iterate through regexs in each plugin and if it doesn’t find a match, forward the request to the normal Apple server. So I wrote a script of commands to control the lights and then made some regexs to implement them.

Some of the commands I’m using:

  • Turn off all the lights
  • Turn on the bedroom light
  • Turn up the kitchen
  • Set the hallway to 20%
  • Set the bedroom to light blue (not implemented yet)
  • Make it look like a sunset (not implemented yet)

For more info on SiriProxy check our SiriProxy section. For more info on this project check out Brandon’s blog.

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