Sims 3 For iPhone and iTouch Official Trailer

Im guessing you saw when Apple kinda introduced , the iPhone OS 3.0 and the new SDK , right? Well you know that at the conference there were present people from different companies that were or will be working with the new SDK, and they shared their thoughts on the new Apple Product. One of those people was Travis Boatman from Electronic Arts ( EA ).

He was presenting the new Sims 3 game for the iPhone and iTouch that EA was working on and all the benefits that the new iPhone OS 3.0 SDK brings to the games world.

Personally i don’t like this game for one reason: i do not have the patience to play it. I am not really a gamer, and when i play games, i like violence or sports or car racing game ( btw, EA you did an amazing job with NFS Undercover for the iPhone. ) But i know a lot of people that loves this game, and i know a lot of you cant wait to get your hands on it.