Leaked Images of Next Generation iPhone: Bezel Frame and LCD Screen

Images of the next generation iPhone bezel and LCD may have been leaked online by Hong Kong based part vendor China Ontrade.The company claims to be the first to supply next generation iPhone parts direct from the factory. iLounge has written a detailed description of the items. Notably, the bezels appear to show a repositioned and redesigned ear speaker, now significantly higher above the display than the present speaker, and ringed with metal, a change that may make room for additional front-mounted sensor or camera hardware. Also changed is the bezel’s color, which has shifted from the prior silver in all iPhone and iPhone 3G models to a nearly black metallic color reminiscent of the backs of later fifth-generation iPod U2 Special Edition models. In the photos, the bezel now stops short of ringing the entire iPhone face, ending at roughly the edge of the LCD screen.

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