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Objective C & iPhone Gurus Minh Vu & Jon Rexeisen About iPhone Programming

Yet anoter iPhone programming video. Well , arent you interested in this? This is the hottest thing right now. In this video , Objective C and iPhone gurus Minh Vu and Jon Rexeisen give coworkers and Nerdery guests a spin through the ins and outs of development for the iPhone. You can find out more and/or get in touch with Minh Vu through LinkedIn and you can find Jon Rexeisen on Facebook and Twitter. The video embedded below has 90+ minutes so you can knock yourself out with this one. Great value in this video , and they cover some hot points as overview of Objective-C, interface builder and XCode and of course the Apple AppStore. Next to the video will be embedded the exact  powerpoint presentation that they used in this video.

I hope you find this video and powerpoint presentation useful , but althought this is an incredible amount of valuble information, it covers the basics of development for the iPhone.