September 1st Apple Event Round-Up: Some Really Good, Some Pretty Good, Some Really Ugly

So… new autumn, new Apple event. Some really good, some bad, some really ugly. But we will focus only on iOS, iPhone/iPod/iPad, because that’s what we do here on FSMdotCOM. So let’s get into it….

iOS 4.1

iOS 4.1 will be available as a free download for iPhone and iPod Touch next week ( not for all models though ) and it brings a fix for proximity sensor issues, HDR photos, and long-awaited Game Center support. Personally, HDR photos is something I’m most excited about. Word of advice: DO NOT update to 4.1 as soon as iTunes prompts you for an update. Wait for a 4.1 jailbreak…

iOS 4.2

Yes… iOS 4.2 which brings everything we have on our iPhones, on the iPad. Also, with iOS 4.2 we will be able to stream music, video and pictures from iTunes to iOS devices with AirPlay ( ex AirTunes ). If that’s not enough ( and of course it’s not enough ) , iOS 4.2 will bring wireless printing support to iOS devices.

iOS 4.2 will be available in November as a free download.

iTunes 10

Oh wow… it’s about to get ugly. First of all they changed the icon, and the new one is horrible in my opinion. With iTunes 10, everything is aboutPing, Apple’s new music social network. Ping pretty much like Facebook, but with music. I call it ‘Facebook – the musical’ . You can create a profile, follow or be followed ( like on Twitter ), set your profile to public or private, share all of your shit, and get as much friends as you can. They basically re-invented the wheel. Really not thrilled about it, but… of course I will use it. Will I be a hardcore user? 99.9% chances NO!!!!!!

New iPod Shuffle and Nano

Basically both the Shuffle and Nano are the same in size and shape, but the new iPod Nano has a touch screen ( shuffle has a click wheel ) and runs iOS. There’s pretty much no way to explain the new Nano with words ( so wait for a video, or watch the keynote ), but since it runs iOS, we can expect it to be included in future jailbreaking tools.

iPod Touch

WOW. The new iPod Touch is an iPhone 4, except you can’t make/receive calls and you can’t get data over 3G

  • It has the iPhone’s Retina Display, a 3.5-inch IPS-based that has a razor-sharp 326ppi resolution. That’s 960 x 640 pixels.
  • It can record 720p high definition video and take photos with its back camera.
  • It can FaceTime with other iPod touches and iPhone 4s, using its front camera.
  • It runs at the same speed of the iPhone 4, using the same Apple A4 chip.
  • It incorporates the same 3-axis gyroscope of the iPhone 4, which makes motion tracking more precise than just the accelerometer.
  • They have also increased the amount of playback time: 40 hours.
  • It will have iOS 4.1 built-in.

It will be available next week for $229 (8GB), $299 (32GB) and $399 (64GB).