Remove Clicks and Pops From Vinyl Records With SweetVinyl’s SugarCube [video]


It doesn’t matter if you dry or wet clean your records, it doesn’t matter if you use wood glue, home-made fluids with Tergitol ( used by the Library of Congress ), isopropyl alcohol and photo-flo or use commercially available fluids like L’art du Son ( there are other fluids that you might like, L’art du Son is the one I use ) .

You can use a vacuum cleaner or a sonic cleaner. It doesn’t matter. If the record has damaged grooves or deep scratches you’re going to hear those clicks and pops, no matter what you do.

Enter SugarCube – the first non-destructive, click and pop removal component for vinyl records.

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Earlier this year, SweetVinyl has introduced the SugarCube SC-2, and demonstrated how it can digitizes vinyl at 192/24 or DSD and stores files on a USB stick, automatically add track breaks and metadata and removes pops and clicks.

The company is about to launch but, based upon consumer feedback, the first product will be the SugarCube SC-1 ( not SC-2 described above ).

The SugarCube SC-1 is a simpler box, far cheaper than the SC-2, for those who just want the click and pop removal feature.

The SugarCube SC-1 is a stand-alone component with RCA line-in and line-out and can easily integrate with other analog components. It brings together many unique features:

  • Real-Time, Non-Destructive Click & Pop Removal
  • User controllable strength of Click & Pop removal setting
  • Pushbutton audiophile-grade internal bypass
  • iOS and Android mobile apps for controlling the device
  • 192k/24 bit hi-res digital processing

The SugarCube SC-1 is planned to have a retail price of $1,500 and will be available in the first quarter of 2017.

Check out video demos of both SC-1 and SC-2 below…