Released: Purplera1n iPhone 3Gs Jailbreaking Tool For Mac

ATTENTION: also read HowTo: Jailbreak iPhone 3Gs With purplera1n [Mac]

A couple of days ago, FSMdotCOM showed you how to jailbreak your iPhone 3Gs using purplera1n on Windows. Somebody even commented on the tutorial, expressing his happiness that finally a jailbreaking tool was released for windows first.

Well Mac users, now its your time to shine. Just a few moments ago, purplera1n was released for Mac.

And you can download it from as usual.

The process is similar to the one on windows, so you should have no problems.Check out the windows tutorial, linked above.

Too bad i dont have a iPhone 3Gs yet, but i have a damnn good excuse:

  1. not available in my country yet
  2. Stevie is back in Cupertino , and it seems that in August we’re gonna see him. He is the mac daddy that presents all the hot stuff to the public, and since the iPhone 3Gs was not suchhhh a major update, i really want to wait.

Anyway, enjoy the new purplera1n for mac 😉