qTweeter: Tweet or Update Your Facebook Status From Any App on Your iPhone/iTouch

New day, new app in Cydia. The app is called qTwitter and it will let you tweet or update your facebook status from within any app on your iPhone or iTouch. This app comes from Efiko Software the creators ToneFXs and iPhoneRingtoneMaker so you know its not free. The thing is that the registration is ambiguous as well, because they pretty much dont have a system where you pay and youll receive a registration code. You “donate” and maybe you’ll recieve something from them, maybe you wont.Either way , you got 15 days to try the app.

The app is found in Cydia on a default repository, so you will only need to search for qTweeter and install it. When the installation is complete you will find a new icon on your SpringBoard called qTweeter (duhhh). Tap on the icon to load the app, and you will access qTweeter’s setup where you can login to twitter, facebook, choose sounds, profile image ( facebook or twitter avatar your choice ) and backgrounds.


You need to login to twitter and facebook in order to be able to post. Once you imput your username and password of the two services , check the status to see if you’re connected. It should say “Ready to post”.



You can also change the background of qTweeter by choosing from one of the 10 available pictures or you can add your own pictures here : /Library/MobileSubstrate/qStatus.bundle/backgrounds . To use your own custom background, you need two images.Backgroundname.png at 320 by 480 pixels and Backgroundname_landscape.png at 480 by 320 pixels.


Launching and Exiting
To launch, simply slide down you finger from the status bar. After you have finished your status update, slide your finger upward. There is an “Auto-hide” setting that if set to on, will automatically exit qTweeter when you are done with your status update. If you are using SBSettings, things might get nasty. Only happens on SpringBoard, but when you slide your finger , youll open both of them. In the apps , if you want to access SBSettings, you pretty much will open qTweeter.

Updating Twitter, Facebook or both
Use the two checkboxes to determine if you want to update both your Facebook and Twitter account or either. If you check both, then the text you type will appear in both your Facebook status and Twitter. Note that by checking both, the character limit is set to 140 since Twitter allows a maximum of 140 characters.

URL Shortening
URL Shortening reduces the length of a web address in your tweet so you have more characters left to type. To shorten a web address you have typed in your update, select the menu button in the upper right hand corner and then select Shorten URL.
Music, YouTube and Safari QuickTweets

Music Tweeting
If you are listening to music, you can tweet this by launching qTweeter, selecting the menu button and then selecting the “Music QuickTweet” button. Your tweet will be prefilled with the artist name and song title. It will also include a link that allows your followers or Facebook friends to purchase the song.

YouTube Tweeting
While you are watching a YouTube video, you can tweet this by launching qTweeter, selecting the menu button and then selecting the “YouTube QuickTweet” button. Your tweet will be prefilled with the video title and a link to the video for your followers or Facebook friends to view.

Safari Tweeting
If you are in Safari, you can tweet about the site you are reading by launching qTweeter, selecting the menu button and then select the “Safari QuickTweet” button. Your tweet will be prefilled with the page title and a link to the webpage for your followers or Facebook friends to view.

Important Note
The status bar must be present before you slide down qTweeter. So if you are watching a video or slide show, touch the screen once to bring up the status bar, then slide down qTweeter.Launching your other favorite Twitter or Facebook app.If you double tap the “Twitter” text in the main U.I., it will launch your other favorite Twitter app. You can define this app in qTweeter’s settings under the Twitter section. This shortcut to your other Twitter app lets you continue your Twitter experience after you have updated your status with qTweeter. The same applies with the Facebook text.



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