Go Green: Peapod Car Will Use iPhone As A Car Key

Next time you drive a car, you might end up using iPhone as the car key! Interesting concept right? No, this is not an concept any more, A new electric car called Peapod from Chrysler includes an iPhone docking station that turns your iPhone into a key, too.

According to a report on Autobloggreen, “simply dock your iPod for a fun, cutting edge way to start up. Exclusive software designed exclusively for Peapod turns your iPod into a key. Both options are interchangeable and secure.” Sound familiar? The Rinspeed concept car was first to suggest the iPhone-as-key trick at the 2009 Geneva auto show.

The Peapod will be the first production car with the iPhone/key technology. Docked in the Peapod, your iPhone will also work as a green meter showing your energy savings while driving an all-electric car. For more information and pictures of the Peapod , check Autobloggreen.