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PwnTunes: Sync Media To Your iPhone Without iTunes [Windows]

New day, new app in Cydia: PwnTunes.With PwnTunes ( developed by the iRealSMS guys ) It’s as easy as plugging your sync cable into your Windows PC.Then it’s as simple as browsing your file explorer to copy your files from your iPhone/Touch to your PC. or you can drag items from the PC to your iPhone/iTouch!

Drag&Drop Music Import/Export without iTunes

  • If you don’t like iTunes now you can simply ignore it – and have your Music with you anyway!
  • Now you can import Music from all your friend’s PCs without loosing Music already on device.

Access iTunes Music from any PC without iTunes

  • Now you can share all your Music with all your friends – as simple as with every USB-Stick / MP3-Player. **
  • Now you can backup your iTunes Music to another PC.

Use iPhone/iPod/iPad as USB-Stick for any Files

  • Now you can take advantage of the iDevice’s harddisk as a USB-Stick and take all your Files with you – and leave that little ugly USB-Stick at home.

No extra Software on PC required

  • All this is as easy as plugging the USB cable into any PC.

Compatible with:


You can buy PwnTunes for $12.99 in Cydia Store via BigBos repo…