Simple Email Makes Apple End Its No Cash Payment Policy For iPad [video]

Even if Apple is not embracing social media to “stay in touch” with the world, Steve Jobs is pretty approachable via email. Anybody can send him an email, even you, and who knows, you might even change the world.

This is the story of Diane Campbell, a disabled woman living in Silicon Valley on a fixed income, as related by ABC 7. Diane attempted to use $600 cash to buy herself an iPad, but she was turned down at the Palo Alto Apple store, because of Apple’s paranoid precautions. Basically, until the iPad is available outside the US, you can only buy it with a credit or debit card and you can’t buy more than 2 units. That policy was allegedly in place to prevent exporting by creating a credit card trail for each device.

But back to our story… After she was turned down, because she wanted to pay for her iPad with cash, Diane went home and send Steve a rather delightful email:

Come on Mr. Jobs, give a sister a break, okay. I’m not going to go sell my iPad.

Simple email that changed the world, because Apple now reversed their its no-cash payment policy and Diane got a free iPad.

NOTE: you are still limited to buy only two iPads but now you can use those green presidential flashcards that your grandparents used to use…