Planetbeing On The iOS 7 Jailbreak: “May Have All The Pieces At This Point”


Planetbeing has tweeted a few hours ago to inform people that the evaders team is indeed ( still ) working on an iOS 7 jailbreak and that they might just have all the pieces of the puzzle. Nothing is certain yet, and of course there’s no ETA for a release yet. One thing is for sure, the current version of iOS 7 ( iOS 7.0.2 ) is not affecting in any way the upcoming jailbreak, and users can update their devices – even iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C users. It goes without saying that if you’re currently jailbroken, avoid 7.x.x. (Same if you’re on iOS5 and use redsn0w’s iOS5 re-restore feature). However, stay away from the imminent iOS 7.0.3 drop.

We will keep you updated as soon as new details emerge. Stay tuned…