Pixus: Create & Save Abstract Wallpapers Based On What Song You Are Listening To On Pandora

Pixus creates wallpapers for your computers, phones and other devices. Pixus analyzes album artwork of songs on Pandora’s streaming music service and creates new compositions. The possibility of seeing the exact same composition twice is near impossible.

Each Pixus composition is tagged with a unique serial number. This also guarantees that Pixus remixes of the same song will never generate the same result. Late one night during a round of testing I remember remixing a single song close to 50 times and loving almost every single outcome.


  • Resolution presets for desktops, laptops, mobile devices and HDTVs
  • Remix a composition until you see something you like—use the same or different resolutions each time
  • Wallpapers are exported in the highest quality JPG format
  • View fullsize album artwork that inspired each Pixus composition
  • Listen to songs on Pandora or iTunes Store
  • Built-in auto-updater ensures you always have the latest version
  • Cross-platform compatible—Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Requires Adobe® Air 2.0 & internet connection

Download Pixus for free from the official site…

In case you live outside the US, and you are wondering how can you get Pandora on your iOS devices, check out this tutorial