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Cydia Update Coming Soon. Progress In Development…

A few days ago, Apple pushed iOS 4.2 GM for developers and we told you that redsn0w can already jailbreak it. However, by jailbreaking it, you would only get afc2 support, and that’s about it. No Cydia, no 3rd party apps, no OpenSSH, nothing.

Yesterday, an iOS 4.2 PwnageTool bundle was released for iPhone 3Gs, which would allow you to cook a firmware with pre-installed OpenSSH, and other 3rd party apps, but we decided not to post a tutorial on how to use the bundle, because it would give just enough rope for many people to hang themselves.

Cydia, on the other hand, doesn’t work on iOS 4.2 because some of the frameworks that Cydia was relying on, prior iOS 4.2, are not present in the latest iOS.

Today, MuscleNerd posted a screenshot of what’s suppose to be some of the new UI in the upcoming update, and everybody is going gaga over just a segmented control button, which doesn’t tell us much.

As we all expected, the upcoming update of Cydia, does not only fix iOS 4.2 compatibility, but also brings a (slightly) redesigned UI. That’s all we know so far, we have no idea if it will improve the overall speed of Cydia, brings multitasking support, or any other new features.

You’ll have to keep in mind that the public release of  iOS 4.2 is not even out yet. So, don’t expect a new jailbreak and Cydia as soon as iOS 4.2 officially drops.

As soon as we know something, we will keep you updated. Stay tuned…