What Does “Personalize Your iPhone” Really Mean….

Now this dude really knows how to personalize your iPhone. Check out his SpringBoard. This dude did an wonderful job, and either he really knows the true meaning of the word “personalize” or his just a bit narcissistic ….

If you noticed, FSMdotCOM‘s mantra is: “Personalize Your iPhone” . What does that mean? It means , from my point of view, offering information on apps and mods ( NOTE: modding is not cracking ) to make your iPhone and iTouch like YOU want it.

My guess is that, so far, i did a fairly good job on providing info that helped you achieve that goal ( if u had it ). Well even if you agree with me here, how wrong were we? I mean we pretty much had a distorted perception of what “personalize” really mean.

A mysterious dude, or better yet, a mysterious pic just appeared on the internet and its displaying a iPhone springboard. Nothing fancy so far, but the icons were replaced by the owner, with his picture. Now that is really how you should personalize your device. Or you just a bit narcissistic….