Spell Number: Get Emoji on iPhone 3.0 Without Jailbreak

People usually are going nuts over things like Emoji. You can get them if you jailbreak your device, but today let’s look at a much simpler , jailbreakless and also free method: Spell Number.

This will activate Emoji on your iPhone 3.0 without Jailbreak. Everything happens through an application found in the AppStore and a password. Download the application, and sync your iPhone. Next, load the app and type in this number: 91929394.59.

Now just press the home button and go to Settings> General> Keyboard> Japanese. Enable Emoji there. Now you can try your new keyboard in the different applications on your iPhone. To access it , just tap on the Globe button next to the spacebar. That’s it, you can enjoy your Emoji now. Too bad the iPhone is not a coloring book….